Gallery 2016




This art construction is based on Ray Bradbury’s 60 year old science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451,  the temperature at which paper burns. A Totalitarian Figure has declared that owning books is illegal because the truth would make them unhappy.

In this turned upside down future world, firemen become burn squads instead of fire fighters, wielding blow torches and flame throwers instead of water hoses. Their job is to track down and destroy every book ever written. None of the Fire Alarms in this society are functional & a pair of antique fire extinguishers are merely decorative collectors’ items.

A small group of dissidents hides in the forest and preserves this priceless legacy by memorizing and becoming their favorite books. Thus, in their small way, they keep alive the history of their civilization, culture and values-all the qualities that makes people decent human beings.

The Trojan Horse updates the story to now. In the myth, what appeared to be a gift, is actually an instrument of mass destruction. Placed here in this artwork, it is a cautionary tale. It warns against dismissing the bedrock values of our Founding Fathers and practices and ideals that have made America the envy of the world. It also cautions that political promises of today are not to be trusted.