Assemblage from 2009 to 2010

I COME IN PEACE, found objects, wire, electronics.

I COME IN PEACE (found objects, wire, electronics.)

I found the glove stretcher at an antiques shop and bought 2 of them to add to my “collection” of hands, hoping to come up with some use for them. While playing around with this one, I got it to stand upright on a small platform. It reminded me of an old joke about an alien visitor to Planet Earth, and so, to complete this idea, I created “a space ship” upon which it stands.

Many of my works are on the themes of Peace and Social Justice. A pair of later pieces, “Deliver Us from Evil,” a reference to the ongoing war in the Middle East, and “I Come in Peace, again”, underlie my conviction that Peace is still possible in that region of the world and my hope that we continue in our efforts to try to bring that about.
Peace is still possible there

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